We Care Deeply
About Your Face

For too long, we've been fed images of skin perfection and unattainable beauty standards. figgy is out to change that.

We want to help everyone realise their personal skin goals and get healthy skin. This is why we created FaceLog: a digital skin tracking assistant to help you understand the state of your skin and create a visual reminder that you are doing well and progressing. 

We also believe in getting to the right treatments rather than being burrowed in cosmetic terminology and poor ingredients. This is why you will have access to a pharmacy, our high-quality food supplements and a routine matcher.

Natural Beauty
Beauty Portrait


We are building a tight-knit community 

Skin issues may be difficult to solve alone. This is why we are building a members-only and safe forum space for you to connect to others. 


Don't Be Ashamed Of Your Skin.

We believe in changing the way we understand our skin. For too long, we have been told by the industries to expect perfect skin and accept poorly-made ingredients. 

We believe in setting realistic and personalised skin goals rather than trying to achieve the impossible.