Making Skin Healthy With Vitamin C

According to many dermatology experts, vitamin C has various benefits for your skin.

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It’s often regarded as one of the best anti-ageing agents, and it can give you a healthy complexion. Because your body doesn’t produce vitamin C – there are many reasons you should include it in your diet.

The Benefits of vitamin C

Anti-ageing, clears hyperpigmentation and works with most types of skin. What's not to love?

1. Works With Most Types of Skin

According to experts, vitamin C is safe to use with almost every skin type. You can use topical vitamin C for extended periods of time without noticing any harmful reactions. But in rare situations, people with hypersensitive skin can feel slight irritation.

2. Helps With Clearing Hyper-pigmentation

When melanin is produced in unusual quantities, hyper-pigmentation can occur on the skin. It can also happen in areas where acne has healed. Applying vitamin C to these areas can delay the process. If your skin has dark spots, you can also get a more toned complexion with the help of vitamin C.

3. Sun Damage Protection

Our skin can get damaged by molecules that are called free radicals. A free radical is an atom that doesn’t have an electron. A free radical searches until it can find an atom from which it can “steal” an electron. This process can cause significant damage to your skin.

Yet again, vitamin C can help. Vitamin C has antioxidants. An antioxidant will provide the free radicals in your body with electrons. This will make them harmless and your skin healthier!

But with all processes that involve vitamin C – consistency is key.

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