Skincare Advice from Our Favourite Estheticians

We know your friends and family mean well when offering you skincare advice, but it’s time to listen to the experts. In celebration of National Aesthetician Day, here is a list of our favourite aestheticians. Read on till the end for 5 skincare MUSTs compiled from three top practicising estheticians! 

Our esthetician crushes

Nichola Joss

Nichola Joss is one of the world’s most admired skincare experts. She’s the chosen aesthetician of A-listers, Scarlett Johansson, Gisele Bundchen, Gwyneth Paltrow and was even described by Megan Markle as her “favourite aesthetician”. In addition, her advice and work have been featured in well-known women’s magazines such as Vogue, In Style, and Marie Claire. 

Nichola runs pop-ups in New York and London; offering bespoke restorative facial treatments including the “Inner Facial” which involves lymphatic drainage massage, deep tissue pressure point massage, and sculpting techniques. These facials improve a non-surgical “facelift”, skin tone and texture, leave skin looking instantly younger and fresher but also target each client’s exclusive skin needs. Nichola focuses on holistic skin health, offering non-surgical anti-ageing treatments. 

Her social media platforms are @nicholajoss on Instagram with a large following of 47k followers, @jossbeautyltd on Twitter, and Facebook. Nichola’s top skincare do’s and don’ts are: don’t believe in preventive botox, don’t forget to double cleanse, don’t be afraid of acids, do take skin supplements, do think of anti-ageing holistically, and do invest in facials. We love Nichola’s holistic approach and her combination of different techniques to devise a facial that overall rejuvenates the skin! 

Nayamka Roberts-Smith 

LA Beautyologist Nayamka

Nayamka Roberts-Smith is a licensed aesthetician based in LA, California; she’s named the “Internet’s Esthetician” and “Melanin Expert”. Nayamka created the renowned “60-second rule” which is cleansing your face for at least 60 seconds straight using your fingers, leading to an overall improvement in skin appearance and health over time.

LABEAUTYOLOGIST, run by Nayamka, is a Los Angeles-based esthetician specialising in skin of colour; offering facial treatments such as custom facials, deep pore clarifying acne treatment, beard facial, and natural glow brightening treatment, as well as body treatments and waxing services. She specialises in personalised facial skincare, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone and texture, acne (hormonal and cystic), and ingrown hairs. Her mission is to make information about skin care and skin care treatments accessible, particularly for melanated skin as this is something she found was missing in the industry. 

Her YouTube channel (LABeautyologist - The Golden Rx) boasts a subscriber count of 435k subscribers and she posts a range of informational and educational videos about skincare product reviews, addressing skincare concerns and questions, routines, and guides. Her Instagram is @labeautyologist (124k followers) and her twitter is also @labeautyologist (188k followers). Nayamka’s dedication to filling the gap for people of colour in the skincare industry and improving accessibility to vital skincare information truly inspires us! 

Melissa Haloossim

Melissa Haloossim NP
Credit: Skin Thesis Inc

Melissa Haloossim is the founder of Skin Thesis and also known as “Kim K’s 10 pm facialist” nicknamed after neither her nor Kim could find a time in their schedules as businesswomen and busy mums, so Melissa suggested Kim came over for a facial after they’d both put their kids to bed and this is how the name was born. 

Skin Thesis was founded to deliver the latest aesthetics innovations which combine science and art. Before this, Melissa built up 12 years' worth of knowledge in aesthetic medicine as Managing Director of skincare brand, Kate Somerville. The company aspires to deliver the change which clients desire without losing their natural appearance. They offer facials, laser treatments, injectables, peels, and body treatments. 

Melissa’s personal social media pages are private but her business’s pages are @skinthesisnc on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook; you can also find the business’s page on Pinterest. SkinThesis’s combination of science and art for skincare gives us hope for a more innovative and effective skincare industry in